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Jadga works on Snap! and loves to create fun projects that might also be helpful for students and teachers. Her favourite Snap! block is map <3

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Irene Ortega

from UC Berkeley
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Join us for fun, social, virtual games to get to know each other...

Online game:

Clue cards have the clue word on the top of the card and the taboo words listed below the clue word. Clue-givers then start and keep the timer and must get their team to say the guess-word on the card without using one of the taboo words in one of their clues. If a taboo word is used then Team B must sound the buzzer which penalizes Team A by causing the current guess card to go into the discard pile.

Play is continued until time runs out. Each time a teammate successfully guesses a clue-word, a new card is placed upon the old and each card in this pile represents one point for Team A.

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50 min
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