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YoungThinkers is a SAP Program that gets kids excited about programming! We'll have a one-hour period in the late California morning and the Europe evening so young learners can attend. The session will be the Show and Tell of what happened during the first virtual and international Young Thinkers Learning festival which took place this week Monday to Wednesday as SnapCon2020 pre-event. Young learners and Session Leads most of them being speakers at SnapCon2020 like Brian H. Dan G. Jens M. Bernat R. Jadga H. Bambi B. Akos L. Brian B. Wiebke T. Andreas H. Matthias K. Jule Z. Dan S. will talk about their projects, experience and impressions. If your Snap! experience child want to join spontaneously - the door is open.

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1 h
Plenary Sessions
Snap!Con 2020
Plenary Session

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    2020 August 1 08:00