Presented by:

Bernat Romagosa

from SAP, Snap!, MicroBlocks

Bernat is a software developer from Barcelona. He develops for Snap! and MicroBlocks, and is the author of Snap4Arduino and a bunch of other Snap! modifications.

No materials for the event yet, sorry!

During the conference we'll have a physical, full-sized arcade cabinet that runs Snap! games at the Citilab. This Snap! arcade machine, the second one that we've built, was commissioned in 2019 by Lleialtat Santsenca, a community center in the district of Sants, Barcelona. In this workshop we are going to create games for the machine that conference attendees will be able to play during the week. If you already have a game that you would want to adapt for the machine, we will also show you how to do it.

At the end of the workshop, we are going to load all the games into the machine and try them out.

1 h
Snap!Con 2023