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Bhavin Faldu

from Robotics-TechBix Technologies

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Given the recent growth in public visibility of artificial and machine learning technologies, it is important for the visual programming language community to think about how to approach these technologies pedagogically. Possible questions that the panel may discuss, in addition to audience questions, include: a) What are the technical, presentation, and pedagogical challenges of ML that can be addressed with blocks languages? b) How can we make ML tools and concepts approachable to young people? c) What types of problems can people solve today with the effort that has been made and what do we think we will be able to do in the near future? d) How do we teach young people about ML bias and ethics using visual programming languages?

Answers to these questions and others will greatly inform future development work at the intersection of ML and blocks languages. Snap! is one of the best block coding language, especially for k-12 education.

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Snap!Con 2020
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